August 7, 2013

Help Your Organization Extend its Reach with a Call Center

Is your organization looking to grow but finding growth deterred by lack of space, manpower, or hours in the day? Call center services can assist with all of those concerns and become a functioning extension of your organization. Since the highly-trained courteous staff of Professional Communications works in a centralized location with access to cutting edge technology in both hardware and software, you can add manpower and technical capabilities to your organization’s resources, without the need to increase your workspace.

Call center operators can serve as administrative assistants, helping with day to day operations, appointment schedulers who can coincide their appointment setting with your own schedule input without overlapping, and friendly customer service representatives who can give callers basic information regarding your organization, or even process sales of raffle tickets, event tickets, or other wares. You can also extend your hours of operation, without having to be in-office 24/7, because Professional Communications offers 24/7 call center services: this will allow you to reach participants or other interested parties with information about your organization and/or give participants a way to get in touch with you or your staff via emergency message relay, for which you can set up an “on call list.”  This way, if yours is an organization that helps people who are in dire, immediate need, you will never feel like you’re leaving someone out in the cold. All-day answering services, customer services, and administrative assistant services, along with emergency alerts, can all be a part of what your organization can offer the community, making your services constantly available to those who need them most through the assistance of an outsoured call center agency.