August 28, 2013

Functional Features of Outsourced Call Centers

From security to courtesy, and efficiency to connectivity, the call center features offered by Always Answer help your day-to-day business run smoothly. You can choose from person-to-person communication options, such as live message relay, or technology-enhanced features, such as web-based on-call list management. Call center features can help communications between you and your customers flow seamlessly, so that your customers feel that their business is important to your business — a feeling that fosters loyalty and return business.

Let your customers know that you are always within their reach and that you are ready, willing, and able to take care of their needs in a timely manner. Text, e-mail, and fax message relay ensures that, if your customers leave a message with an operator, the message is sent in real-time to the appropriate member of your staff. Likewise, operators have the capability to receive call forwarded calls, if your lines are busy, or to forward a call back to your staff, if a customer needs to speak with a specific member of your office. Call Detail Reporting features help streamline your reporting with information on inbound calls, including the date, time, account number, and Caller ID. The information on the CDR can be automated into a graph, or another report form that can be used to evealuate customer service call rates, public interest, and other aspects that can help your business create a targeted plan of action that both holds on to current customer loyalty, and which reaches out the to community through expansion. With a slew of useful features, Always Answer creates a call center service package that provides the features your business needs to stay competitive in a fast-paced, technologically-advanced culture.