June 29, 2016

Five Secrets of Outstanding Quality Assurance

Quality assurance isn’t a game of “gotcha” that you play with your employees. The very best quality assurance programs for answering services and related businesses are collaborative, coaching programs that provide support to employees when they struggle and encouragement when they succeed.

To establish a quality assurance program that elicits buy-in from employees and achieves its stated goal of improving customer experiences, try these tips:

  • Win employee engagement – Employees often consider implementation of a quality monitoring system to be a squeeze play by management to catch them doing something wrong. When implementing a quality monitoring system, it’s important to explain that it’s a way to improve performance and build a stronger company. Make your monitoring plan collaborative and supportive to get your employees’ support.
  • Have a specific monitoring plan – The company you hire to monitor quality should have a very specific list of things to evaluate. The sharper and more incisive your monitoring tool is, the better the information it will provide.
  • Reward positive work – Your quality assurance plan shouldn’t be just about catching and correcting negative behavior. When employees are found to be providing top-notch customer service, it’s important to reward and acknowledge them.
  • Provide examples – When your quality monitoring firm picks up a top-notch customer interaction, save it and play it for your employees. Good customer interactions are teachable moments you can use to give concrete examples to employees of what you expect.
  • Apply information – Use the information you gather from your quality monitoring efforts to change training policies, scripts, and other aspects of your business to step up your game. Quality monitoring only works when you use the information gathered to make positive changes.


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