July 4, 2014

Features to Look for when Hiring a Call Center

If you’re shopping around for a call center, you want to get the most for the dollars you spend. Are you confused about what features come with different choices, and how to assure you are getting the features you most want and need? Here are the top features to look for in your search:


Your answering service is going to accumulate a lot of personal data on your customers. Their names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, credit card information, and much more will be on premises. In today’s era of identity theft (the fastest growing crime of all), this data is more valuable than you may realize. Look for a call center with top notch security at their facilities to protect your customers and your business.

24-7 Live Support

If you just wanted an answering machine, there wouldn’t be a need for contracting with an inbound call center. Choose a center that can offer your customers 24-7 live support. This is especially important if your service calls come in at all hours, such as with HVAC businesses, plumbing companies, or electrical businesses.

Message Delivery Options

You’ll also want to take a look at how the call center forwards the messages you receive to you. Can you get it a variety of different ways — such as by text message, email, or even fax? Can you opt to get the messages as they come in, or choose to receive them all at specified times during the day? Choose a center that can give you your messages how you want, when you want.

Bilingual Services

Most U.S. businesses are challenged with callers who do not speak fluent English. Look for a call center with employees who can speak the languages your callers need to communicate in.

Make sure you’re getting the features you need, so you’ll be satisfied with your answering service for many years to come.