March 21, 2014

Effective Call Centers Use Hands-Free Headsets

One of the most important tools a call center representative uses is the telephone. Some centers may use a multi-line phone still attached to the handset it originally comes with. Your Fort Worth call center, however, uses a high tech hands-free set. This allows calls to be handled quickly without an interruption to the client.

Hands-Free Headsets

The hands-free headset is held on with a band that the agent can choose to wear in one of three ways. This allows maximum comfort because their phones are always on. A small speaker comes near the mouth and can be positioned in various angles for comfort and voice quality. The speakers cover the ears so there is no outside noise interruption from nearby workers. At no time does any agent need to use either hand to hold the phone.

Benefits to the Customer

The headset your Fort Worth call center utilizes benefits not only the center, but your customer, as well. The benefits include:

  • Better Environment: With effective headsets, the agent can pay better attention to client needs. There are no outside noises or other agent conversations coming through the line. It is a private conversation.
  • Effective Communication: With the better environment, each agent establishes effective communication. Through training, the call center agents learn how to communicate. The right technology allows this to occur. Without the interruptions, call durations are shorter and resolutions are higher.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: When communication is working, customer satisfaction is higher. If you are utilizing the services for sales, you will notice higher conversion rates. When clients are happy, they are much more likely to make a purchase.

The technology your call center uses makes a difference in the treatment customers receive. When you are choosing your center, verify that the phones used are up-to-date. If their technology — including phones and computers — is not updated, likely other aspects of their business are not, either. When you are paying for services that can make or break your client relationships, choose only the best.

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