March 1, 2017

Creating Excellent Call Center Experiences for Callers

Call Center Experiences

At some point, each one of us has had to call a call center for customer support. We all know there are several differences which go a long way toward creating wonderful experiences for both the caller and the employee taking the phone call.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways businesses can providing outstanding customer service.

  • Treat callers like they are your friends. Consider how you would like to be treated when you need to call for customer support – would you rather the telephone agent treat you like their friend or just another “number?” Treating customers like your friends makes them feel appreciated and shows you really care.
  • Break down language barriers. It’s not a pleasant experience when a caller is not able to explain the reason for their call due to language barriers. The easiest way to overcome this obstacle is by offering bilingual or multi-lingual support. Not only does this allow your customers to speak in their native tongues, but it also makes it easier to resolve their issues.
  • Listen to what the caller is saying. There are so many bad experiences because the telephone operator refused to deviate from a script or listen to what the caller was telling them. Do not be afraid to go “off-script” to find out more information and what it is the caller expects.

Customer Support

  • Use probing and discovery questions to get to the primary reason for the call. Taking a few minutes to ask questions helps to truly find out what is the issue. Sometimes a caller might initially say they are calling because they are having a problem with your product or service, but, after asking specific questions, it is discovered they really are upset over a billing issue or how much they paid.
  • Make your business accessible 24/7 by phone and/or online. Providing access 24/7 ensures your customers’ needs are met, no matter when your customers require your help or support or have issues.

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