November 18, 2013

Choose Multilingual Call Centers Who Test Their Employees

There are many call centers that say they offer bilingual or multilingual services. Not all, however, test their workers prior to employment. This means you may be dealing with workers who cannot fluently speak to your customers, which can lead to a loss of business. A reputable company is going to test their employees’ language abilities first.

Audio Test

Call center employees go through rigorous testing and training, but bilingual workers have extra audio testing. The audio aspect of the test ensures the employee can handle discussions, since that will be the main use of their talent. Some people can only read or write another language. The audio testing covers business situations, math, and appropriate responses. They need to handle more than basic conversational skills, in order to qualify as a bilingual employee.


Believe it or not, your multilingual answering service worker may have gone through extra etiquette training. There may be situations that arise where etiquette is different from normal protocol, due to the person’s culture. This testing covers listening skills and responses to difficult situations, in order to ensure the worker can maintain their cool. It is important that all workers remain calm in any circumstance, including knowing how to react appropriately in other languages.

When you rely on other people to work with your customers and increase your business, you need to choose the best. This includes a call center that can prove their bilingual employees are fluent and able to deal with any situation that may arise. Your reputation can be changed based on how customers feel when they talk to a live person.