November 24, 2014

Best Practices for a Successful CPA Business

As the business world picks up and the economy slowly recovers, there is more demand for the services of a good CPA. How can you capitalize on this new influx of potential business? With the right tools, like up-to-date technology and a professional live answering service, you’ll have no problem rolling the new business in.

Invest in the Latest Technologies

Each year, better technologies for CPAs hit the marketplace. Items like tablet computers, mobile finance apps, and new data analysis tools make it easier and faster to do business. These tools also make it easier to stay in touch with customers and offer them better service. Invest in the technologies you need to outdo your competitors. This is extremely important to younger professionals, who value the convenience of doing more of their business digitally.

Enlist the Help of an Answering Service

During the crucial months of January through April, it’s impossible to get all of the work done while continuing to provide stellar customer service over the phone. Did you know you can hire a live answering service to take your calls, just like a receptionist would? These agents can be trained to field calls just like an employee, including giving your customers answers to basic questions, taking messages, and even scheduling appointments for you. This service can truly take a load off of you when things crank up during tax season.

Develop an Ethics Statement to Define Your Values

What is the most important factor when people select a CPA? Honesty and integrity. People are willing to pay more, wait longer, and sacrifice some convenience if they know that their personal business affairs are being handled with the upmost concern for ethics. Develop your own ethics statement and display it proudly in your office. Then commit to living by it.

Once your customers see your dedication to meeting their needs, you’ll never have to worry about bringing in customers again — word of mouth will be your best advertisement