July 23, 2018

Benefits of Call Disposition Codes in Contact Centers

call center agents providing answering service

In the call center, proper organization is the key to ensuring that call-ins are routed to the right people at the right time. One of the strategies used to achieve efficient call routing is that of call disposition codes—labels that identify who’s calling, where they’re channeling in from, and what they’re calling for. If your sales center, call center, or phone answering service isn’t using these codes yet, you could be missing out on these major benefits.

More Effective Information Sharing

There’s a common misconception that call disposition codes are only useful during the initial call-in, after your customer channels through the IVR. Codes can also be useful for tracking when, where, and how your clients move through the system.

For example, disposition codes can be used to transmit potentially critical information, such as how urgent the call is, whether or not the client is challenging, or even whether or not the caller’s issue was resolved. Everyone with access sees the information in real-time, making call flow more efficient.

Improve Follow-Ups

One of the biggest issues with call flows that require follow-up from an agent is that of missed opportunities. Emails get missed, alerts are overlooked, or agents are simply too busy to make that follow-up call and, in turn, the client becomes upset over being ignored.

Call disposition codes can reduce missed follow-ups by allowing agents to tag calls with a code that indicates a follow-up is needed and, often, exactly how soon it’s needed. Clients feel catered to, and it’s easier for agents to know exactly who they need to call back. Best of all, fewer cases or calls fall through the cracks.

Prevent DNC Non-Compliance

female customer services agent with headset

For sales, survey, and service centers, calling someone who is already on the Do Not Call list can be extremely risky. If these targets push hard enough, they can bring negative attention and extremely high fines to your company. Just a single call to the wrong person can cost your center up to $40,000.

Call disposition codes act as a fail-safe for accidental reach-outs to clients on the DNC. They can be added by the agent at the time the client requests to be placed on the DNC list, or they can be automatically added by the system after cross-checking DNC databases. The result is a lower opportunity for accidental non-compliance.

Ultimately, call disposition codes serve agents, managers, and just about everyone, at all levels within your contact center or phone answering service well. They make it easier to resolve requests, track outcomes, and improve metrics. At Always Answer, we use call disposition codes to help ensure we’re providing only the highest level of service to clients just like you. Call now to discover how we can help you better serve your clients.