January 24, 2014

Benefits of Call Center for Legal Firm

Almost everyone has a lawyer ready to call. You may slip and fall, hit another car, or feel taken advantage of in some way. Regardless, it is difficult to avoid the pitfalls that often lead to needing a lawyer. What some legal firms may not know, though, is how beneficial a call center can be to their firm for the client and themselves.


A call center has a receptionist on hand when yours can’t be. It may be that he has gone to lunch, feels ill, or is in a meeting. Either way, there is someone there to back him up. The call center can answer and forward calls, as needed, while you let your receptionist go on break. It can also be utilized during high call times so you get the help you need when you need it.

24/7 Care

Unfortunately, people get in accidents all the time. Rather than waiting to report it to their lawyer, your firm can now offer care around the clock. There is no voicemail; your client will speak to a live person who can take a message, whether it is Saturday at 2:37AM or Monday at 5:01PM. When a call is urgent, an email, text, or phone call is sent directly to you for immediate action.


You probably spend a lot of money advertising your company. Call centers can help you save on your budget. Once you know how much you have to spend, the call center will put together a package that includes their staff, software, and reporting capabilities. This handles the advertising work for you, while saving you money.

When you can offer 24/7 care to your clients, you may find you do not need to spend as much on advertising. In terms of customer care, this puts you in front of your competition that is not offering the service. Only a call center can give you that benefit, which can lead to many word of mouth referrals. Along with these listed benefits, you will see many others your Dallas call center has.