September 29, 2017

How an Answering Service Can Benefit You During Hurricane Season

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Disaster preparedness is often an area companies don’t spend a lot of time on. Business continuity, rebuilding, safety, community, and protecting products are keys to surviving a major weather event. Planning ahead for the worst is important for both you and your patrons. Being prepared will not only protect your business but give you a chance to show your best side to your customers. Hiring an answering service will help you stay prepared for hurricanes or other natural disasters.

A Chance to Improve Your Customer Service

A hurricane can devastate a community and your business. A properly thought-out disaster plan can change all of that. Hiring a virtual assistant to keep things going while you are dealing with issues on the ground will help you improve your customer service.

Your assistant or call center can do a lot more than handle calls. They can ensure that your customers get the best service possible while you’re handling other matters. In fact, they can help you improve the service you already deliver. They can develop scripts to best answer questions and upsell products.

They can even record customer calls so that you can hear what they’re asking for or are interested in. You can use this great information to train your employees to do better. Just remember, customer service call recording laws may place limitations on sharing some of the details.

Remind Customers of Your Other Services

Improve Your Reputation with Empathy

Sure, your employees are great, and you work hard to train them. They, however, are not professional call center representative with specialized training under their belts. A call center can help devise scripts which include product reminders, upsells, and informative product suggestions. They can find ways to cleverly remind your patrons about your products even when they weren’t calling to make a purchase.

Improve Your Reputation with Empathy

Best of all, your virtual assistant can extend empathy during a time of need. They can be the shoulder to cry on or the supportive voice when things are at their worst. They can be the ear to listen, as well as provide any other help and support that may be within their power. This service will help make a difference, and it will help improve your reputation.

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