November 22, 2013

Access Your Answering Services Anywhere

Access Your Answering Services Anywhere

Though you may use a Fort Worth answering service, it is easy to access your account from anywhere. Rather than needing to call a representative every time you want information, now you can simply login online. When you want a call center that is easy to use, look for benefits like these:

View Your Messages

As soon as you are logged in, you have the option to view all your messages. This includes emails as well as listening to voicemails. Many services do not offer the ability to listen to voicemails online, and this saves you from constantly looking at your phone for missed calls. It also allows you to see all your messages at once and to respond to the most important first.

Schedule Your Web On Call

You can view your on call schedule to see who is covering the answering service and when. It gives everyone on your staff the opportunity to see the schedule, but only you and those you select can make changes.

Change Your Office Status

Whether you go out of town or just need a few hours away from your phone, your Fort Dallas answering service lets you change your notice online. Many call centers have you call to set this up, but the ability to quickly do it online makes it hassle-free.

Online Reporting

Your custom report is available through your profile so that you automatically know if your call center service is working for you. There are a variety of items tracked, such as date, time, and minutes used. You can then search by certain specifics, or look for a precise call.

Using a call center is supposed to make your workload easier. With online services like these available from the moment you log in, your Fort Dallas answering service ensures they remain beneficial.