April 4, 2014

A Customer-Centered Industry

When you utilize call center services, you are their customer. It also means, however, your customers are theirs, as well. It is a customer-centered industry that must balance company policy with customer needs. Your business has to profit, but without customers it doesn’t stand a chance. This is a fine line to walk.

A Little Give

When you first meet with your call center, guidelines are established for the representatives. It may include a script to use, a list of items to offer, and your policies. These are then ranked with priority levels so each representative knows what to offer and when. This is important for those times a customer needs resolution.

An Example of Customer-Focus

You may have a customer who was told she could receive a discount on membership. When she attempts to redeem this, though, the next location does not follow through. The little give occurs when the call center representatives understands the mistake and offers a discounted membership. This, obviously, cannot happen all the time without a loss of profit. With the manager’s discretion, though, it needs to be understood. There are times giving a little is more important in terms of customer retention.

When dealing with a customer-centered industry, it is important to remember where to place the focus. It is not giving attention to customer issues. It is not attempting to understand customer issues or empathize. The focus is on customer resolution. A reputable call center knows this and works within your company needs and policies to accomplish this. Focus on the customer, and the business prospers.