June 18, 2014

5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Take Off Your Plate Now

Have you ever thought you needed to clone yourself to get everything done? While the technology for human cloning is decades away, a virtual assistant can make you feel like you cloned yourself, almost doubling your capacity for getting things done.

But, what could a virtual assistant do for you?

1. Bookkeeping

If you spend several hours per week trying to manage your billables, payables, and entering basic information on business transactions, the assistant could erase these hours from your schedule (and might even keep things in better order than you do).

2. Research

Do you lack the time to research things like the latest news and innovations in your industry? Tired of the competition always beating you to the next best idea because you were too involved in doing business to keep up with the latest trends? An assistant can stay on top of the research for you so you never miss out on an opportunity again.

3. Data Entry

If your records are a mess because you lack the time to enter in all your important information, an assistant can eliminate this problem entirely. No more boring late nights trying to log in everything you lacked the time to enter all week long.

4. Preparing Presentations

You want super slick presentations to present to your clients, but you’re so busy reeling in those clients and taking care of their needs that it’s impossible to research and prepare the presentation you’d love to give. An assistant can crank these out, and you won’t miss a minute chasing down the next business lead.

5. Managing Email

Many business people miss new business or even lose existing customers because email is so time-consuming. A virtual assistant can manage your inbox, answer all those incoming messages, and delete the useless ones to free you up for more important endeavors.

A virtual assistant is the next best thing to being able to clone yourself.