September 22, 2017

4 Things Your Customers Are Teaching You

Male Virtual receptionist on a headset

It may sound strange to you, but your customers have plenty of things to teach you. When it comes to call centers, customers have concerns, expectations, and wishes. By listening to your customers and providing you with useful data, a call center will help you learn a variety of things that will make your business grow and remain successful.

“Don’t Put Me on Hold”

If there’s one thing your customers hate most, it’s being placed on hold. If they’re calling about a problem, then they’re already frustrated and just want the issue fixed. When a customer calls because they need something, they want their needs met in what they feel is a timely fashion. At the end of the day, the truth is none of us like to wait, and this is definitely true when we’re on the phone.

Brand Sentiment

Your customers can tell you about more than just their needs. They can tell you how people feel about you. Often, customers make statements about how they feel when they’re on the phone. They tell you what makes them angry or frustrated, and even why they’re considering a switch to your competitor. Employing a virtual receptionist or call center and recording customer service calls can help you better take advantage of this crucial information your customers are providing you.

Products of Interest

Do you know what products your clientele is most interested in? You can get vital data about your products from calls recorded at a call center. Businesses can learn which products are most requested based on call analytics. There is other great information to be learned as well. What products do customers ask questions about the most? Are they confused by pricing structures?

The data that can be collected from calls are endless. All you need to do is decide what you’d like to know.

Customer service

Competitor Mentions

Knowing your competition is a key component in marketing and business plans. Gathering this data at every turn is cost-effective and informative. Employing a call center can aid you in answering some of these questions. Representatives can be prompted to ask who the top competitors are or other names in the business that come to mind. Various techniques can be used to gain whatever details you may be seeking.

Now that you know why hiring a call center is a fundamental piece of your business plan, take the next step and learn what we can do for you!