March 14, 2019

4 Forms of Call Center Services for Your Small Business

person wearing suit reading business newspaper about call center services for your small business

Much like our live answering services, there is a lot of variety in call center services. And though variety is the spice of life, it can also lead to some confusion, some miscommunication, and even some poor business decisions.

However, at Always Answer, we want you to have all the details and knowledge so that you can make an informed decision that will work for your needs, industry, and budget!

And as your number one source for call centers in Dallas, we want to explain any doubts away, all the while bringing you the many perfected services that we have offered for years.

We’re your top, local choice – and we’ll prove it.

The 4 Call Center Services You Need Now

Many call center services can actually be sorted into four distinct areas – and Always Answer offers all four, so read on to learn about the differences, the benefits, and the best call center services for your small business or industry.

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Order Entry

Our customer care and live answering team will tailor a program perfectly suited to your inbound call center needs, industry, and order entry!

In fact, with our state-of-the-art technology, we are far ahead of others in the order entry business. This means you’ll never miss another order and never be late on another shipment due to clerical error or program failure.

You need to gain your customers’ trust, and punctual, accurate order entry is the cornerstone to that trust.

Always Answer provides your customers with prompt, courteous and knowledgeable telecommunication professionals on the other end of your toll-free number. We are able to give them confidence in your ability to serve their needs, enter their information, and fulfill their order without a hitch.

Think back to any order issues you have had in the past – now look forward to a future where you never have that problem again. Nice, right?

Customer Support

This is probably the most commonly known and understood form of call center services for small businesses. And for good reason!

Customer support can easily take up over half of your calls, whether that be for directions, questions, operating queries, business hours, or merchandise pricing, these calls are great for leads and sales, but not for your time or wallet.

This is why customer support is such an important part of our call center services for small and large businesses.

Maybe you have the extra help and time to take every call, or maybe your phone rings sometimes when you already have a customer in front of you, maybe two phones are ringing.

Whatever your industry or size, customer support can help your business run smoother.


Always Answer knows that not all companies have the time or money to fully complete a customer loyalty or market research initiative. From customer satisfaction surveys, outbound surveys, inbound and more – that’s a lot of time for you, especially when you are trying to run a business.

That is why we pride ourselves in saving companies man-hours and precious monetary capital to invest in other facets of the business. So, instead of spending hours cold-calling potential, current, or past customers, let us!

Our team will work with you to develop a series of questions to meet your ultimate goal. With the plethora of information we can provide, our clients often find themselves in a better position to tighten up their sales funnels and foster better relationships with their potential clients.

And with better relationships comes more satisfied customers who become repeat buyers. The revenue can be exponential!

Event Registration

With Personalized Communication’s event registration services, companies do not have to use their much-needed workforce just to take down basic registration information for event attendees.

Instead, we step up for your small business and complete the entirety of this function to make you more efficient – which we know is needed when leading up to an event.

Events are an extremely busy time, and event registration is just one more thing on your plate – but it doesn’t have to be! You can take the details to make your event just as you want it to be and leave us with the event registration.

We can both sign-up and give interested individuals information on attending your event. Our call center agents handle every event register in a respectful manner, making sure they receive all the vital information clearly and politely.

All you need to do is tell us what information you need for the event registration, how you want to receive that information and what details to give the register in return.

Always Answer will take over from there and carry out your event registration seamlessly, so you can get back to planning!

Do You Need Call Center Services? We Bet You Do!

Always Answer would love to help you with any and all of your call center needs. Whether that be for a certain industry, a certain feature, or a certain service, we can help!

We have 24/7 live agents, bilingual agents, custom scripts and more, and we have worked with industries from advertising to government, insurance to property management, healthcare to technology.

We have experience in your field and can create the perfect plan for you. Want to try our expertise before you buy it? We are happy to oblige! See our 7-day free trial here or give us a call at 800-606-9898 – no waiting, no hold times, we promise!