December 15, 2014

3 Ways to Get More Business That You’ll Wish You Thought Of

Running out of ways to boost your sales and bring in new customers? Tired of spending a huge chunk of your operational budget on expensive advertising? Here are some inexpensive yet brilliant ways to improve your bottom line. Outsourcing some jobs, like business telephone answering services and advertising, can make these techniques even cheaper and more powerful.

1. Set Up a Host-Beneficiary Marketing Plan 

A host-beneficiary marketing plan benefits two businesses at once: an established company and a startup or small business. It works like this: the small company offers free products or services to customers of the larger business. The larger business bolsters their customer service by providing something valuable for free, while the small startup business gets instant and inexpensive access to new customers. For example, a new clothing boutique might offer the customers of a local luxury car dealership free jewelry or accessories. Or, a small heating and air company might offer the customers of an established home improvement store free system checks.

2. Develop Products or Services to Up-Sell 

New customers aren’t the only way to boost sales. You can also develop ways to get more money from existing customers by developing new products or services to tack onto existing product lines, such as an automotive shop offering detailing services and car seat installation, or a lawn care service providing gutter cleaning services and pressure washing.

3. Conduct Surveys 

Want to know what customers want and need in order to develop products and marketing techniques to reach them? Hire an outbound calling service to conduct a phone survey. Surveys can generate useful information that you can’t get any other way. Most phone answering services offer outbound calling services as a feature. Customer surveys aren’t just for finding out if your customers are happy — they can also be used to find out what customers are looking for so you can be the first in town to offer it.

Never stop finding innovative ways to generate new customers and earn more revenue from your existing customer base. Call Always Answer at 800-606-9898 for more ideas.