October 18, 2013

3 Reasons Why Call Centers Work for Transportation Businesses


3 Reasons Why Call Centers Work for Transportation Businesses

Whether you are a limo service, or you operate a taxi fleet, you need updated information about reservations your clients make. One of the most costly mistakes for transportation business owners is when a client cancels at the last minute and the driver picking up the client does not receive the message in time. This wastes money on gas and time spent picking up another client. Using a call center could help eliminate these problems for good.

Schedule Pickups

When you hire call centers, you get a full-time receptionist who is able to handle your calls no matter what time your client needs your services. Whether it is 3 pm or 3 am, your customers can get in touch with a real person on the phone to schedule a pickup time and location that works for them. You can receive a phone call, fax or email about the scheduled event immediately after the call is finished. This keeps your customers satisfied and gives you more business in the long run.

Provide Reservation Information 

Call centers can also give your customers important information about your services. For example, if your client needs to know how much your service will cost, based on their location and where they want to go, a call center receptionist can provide this information based on the zip code they provide. This saves you time and ensures that your customers know important information about your company every time they call.

Inform You of Cancellations

One of the most useful reasons why call centers work for transportation businesses is their ability to inform you of a cancellation immediately. If you are in a meeting or are unable to take a customer’s call, you could miss out on an important message from them. If they miss their connecting flight or no longer need to be picked up at the time they gave you, your driver could waste time getting to the location and waiting for the client. With an answering service, you can guarantee that every call is picked up and that drivers are immediately dispatched after a canceled reservation.