October 18, 2014

3 Biggest No-No’s in Customer Service

Customer service in this age is challenging. Faced with ever-tighter budgets, a dwindling pool of qualified customer service agents, and more demanding customers than ever, it’s hard to deliver top-notch service to each customer every time. But you can avoid these no-no’s. Here are the top pitfalls when it comes to providing an answering service for your customers.

1. Unprofessional Call Answering Services 

Professionalism is demanded, even when the customer gets upset. This doesn’t mean requiring your agents to tolerate abusive language, but it does mean that no matter what the customer says, the agent needs to respond professionally and politely. This is doubly true when the customer is merely confused and frustrated and needs answers.

2. Frustrating the Customer With a Lack of Information 

Failing to arm your call center workers with vital information is the best way to turn off even the most loyal of customers. When people call in, they expect to speak with informed, knowledgeable, well-trained workers who can solve their problems and answer their questions. Arm your workers with all the information they need to handle customer questions and complaints on the first call.

3. Low Quality Products 

No matter how well-trained and professional the people who answer your phones are, it doesn’t compensate for poor quality. Work toward developing products that make people happy, and there will be fewer confused, angry, or frustrated customer calls to work with.

Customer service may be more difficult than ever, but the tools are there to make it simple and smooth. Hire a service that’s able and willing to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.