August 31, 2017

Will AI Ever Be Integrated into Call Centers?

Robot hand touching a human hand

During the last two decades, we’ve seen the development and widespread acceptance of many new technologies that have completely changed the way business works. From smart phones and tablets to the cloud, the average office looks a lot different than it did even just a few years ago.

There’s one piece of looming technology that, if developed successfully, could make an even more dramatic impact. Now that multiple companies are testing the use of artificial intelligence as part of their customer service operations, now is the time to ask: Will AI ever become a common part of call centers? And, if so, when will it happen?

AI Is Already Here

When we talk about AI, we tend to think of it in terms of hyper-intelligent robots from science fiction stories, but the truth is AI is already here, and it’s already being used by businesses. Take, for example, IPsoft’s Amelia, described by its creators as “the most human AI.” Amelia is a digital assistant currently being marketed to businesses as a “digital employee” and is capable of engaging in “fluid conversations” and to understand statements made by both her employers and the customers she interacts with. Even more impressively, she is able to adapt her responses according to the content of her interactions with human beings.

Amelia isn’t the only AI customer service program, either. Insurance giant Humana announced in 2016 that it would integrate artificial intelligence into its customer service program. Humana’s AI is able to monitor phone calls and detect signs of a poor customer experience in real time, and then provide instant feedback to customer service agents about how they should adjust their interactions with the customer.

The benefits of automation technology are well-known: it increases efficiency, reduces human error, and saves business money on labor costs. If the development of customer service AI continues apace, the only surprise would be if artificial intelligence did not become a common part of call centers’ standard operating procedure. This could happen much faster than most people expect.

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