September 20, 2013

Why You Should Let a Third Party Screen Job Applicants

With most information readily-available online, including an applicant’s current and previous work, their social habits and their hobbies, some business owners rely on a quick internet search to determine if an applicant is right for the job. This might seem like an effective alternative to doing a full screening, but many important facts about an applicant could be hidden or not easily found online. In addition, an applicant could share a name with someone who has a less-than-ideal reputation, which could unfairly ruin that applicant’s chances of getting the job and result in you missing out on an excellent employee. Due to the unpredictable nature of internet searches, you should always let a third party review an applicant’s history for you.

An outsourced call center can handle your applicant screening needs by providing resources to find red flags about an applicant before they are hired. Using either an automated system, or a group of people trained to review applications, you can hire a call center to look over applications and call only those who meet the qualifications you set.

Few things are more time-consuming than sorting through hundreds of applications, half of which have almost no qualifications meeting the standards you set in your job advertisement. Rather than sorting through unnecessary and unqualified applications on your own, you can save time by hiring a third party to go through applications and call applicants for you.

Not only can these centers find the applicants matching your criteria; they can call them with either a personalized offer for a future interview, or you can set up a voicemail system that gives the applicants instructions on how to move on to the next hiring step.

For example, if you are an Austin business owner looking for a new store manager, you can hire a call center in Austin, TX to sort out applicants with no previous leadership experience, and call those applicants to match the job you are seeking to fill.