November 25, 2013

Why You Need Online Reporting

There are a number of benefits that call centers offer, but you want to ensure you have one with online reporting. This allows you to analyze data so that you know how calls are handled and can address any problems. Online reporting allows you information on:

Online Statistics

Your answering service in Houston can provide you with statistics based on the data recorded for your business. The call center can then put this information into charts and graphs so that there is an easy visual to see how your company is progressing. It is also easy to manipulate, which gives you control over the information you see.

Detailed Report

The data available is customized to your company and needs. This ensures it is precise and relevant to what you want out of the report. There is a variety of information available that can be placed in this report, but it may include caller ID, date, and time.

Various Search Methods

To make it even easier to look over your report or find a specific call, there are a number of search methods available. You can search by a date or time range, if you want broader results. If you are looking for a specific person or call, then searches are available based on caller ID, dial out number, and account number.

Without online reporting, your business will not be able to trace calls and data. This information is how your company can rest assured that it is handling customer service efficiently, as well as effectively. It also comes in especially useful if there is any customer complaint that needs addressing. Luckily, your Houston answering service can help you by doing the online reporting for you.