March 22, 2015

Why US-Based Call Centers Are Having a Comeback

It’s not a secret that many companies outsource their call centers to foreign countries. We’ve all had to deal with a customer service representative who struggled with their English pronunciation so much they were unintelligible, reading from a script that he or she clearly didn’t understand. But, if you believe that the majority of call centers are based offshore and staffed by workers that have never met any of the company’s American staff, then your impression of the call center business sector is way off. In fact, many businesses that once outsourced their call center services have brought them back to the U.S.

Why are U.S.-based call centers making a comeback? The reasons include:

  • Improved control – Companies that outsource their call centers often find that it’s difficult to make changes or hold the foreign branch accountable. When your call center is thousands of miles across the ocean, it’s hard to exert the level of control businesses need.
  • Customer satisfaction – When customers get to speak with someone who speaks the same language and comes from the same culture as them, it’s much easier for them to communicate with call center employees, and much easier for staffers to build rapport with those customers.
  • Brand values – Who do you think will understand your company’s values better: a U.S.-based call center staffed with local people, or offshore staff working through a foreign contractor that you may never meet in person? The answer is pretty obvious – U.S.-based call center employees are better able to understand, and embody, your company’s brand values.

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