June 12, 2020

Why Testimonials Matter for Answering & Call Services

Woman talking on the phone for testimonials

Testimonials are more than just words on a page, because testimonials aren’t a part of traditional marketing efforts. Instead, testimonials are a direct reflection of actual service and customer care.

In many ways, testimonials are actually the other side of the coin from traditional marketing. Traditional marketing says ‘look how amazing my answering service or call center is.’ And maybe the service truly is amazing, but do you really want to listen to what a company has to say about itself? Is that the most trustworthy avenue to learn about them?

Of course not!

Testimonials aren’t the call center telling you how great their answering services are, but their customers telling you what they have personally experienced. This means any call center that has had customers should have testimonials or reviews – and they should be positive ones.

The occasional poor review may not be a dealbreaker, but either frequent negative reviews or even simply a lack of positive reviews and testimonials should be a warning sign that maybe the call center isn’t as great as they say they are. And as answering services are all about customer care, you want to make sure you choose a company that can back up their service claims.

Always Answer Has a Long History + Trusted Testimonials

Always Answer’ answering services have not only been around for decades, but we have also amassed many testimonials and great reviews over the years as well!

See some of our glowing testimonials below and rest assured that your calls and callers are in good hands with Always Answer.

Always Answer’ Testimonials

“We thank you so much for always taking care of our patients. You are doing a great job and we would absolutely encourage anyone to choose your service… We are proud to be affiliated with your service.”

–Debi H, Texas Tech

“…On 10/5 I was trapped inside an elevator with my dog around 5:15pm. I was terrified and having a panic attack. You were both very kind to me and I wanted to say Thank You. What you do may not seem important day to day, but I want you to know it was to me and my dog, Jaxx…”

–Kathy D.

“Please do keep our information on file as you can expect to hear from us next summer. You provided excellent, friendly service. It was a pleasure working with you.”

-Karen B, Flushing Christian School

“Thank you so much for the professional level of service your company has provided to our company the last six years. We have been very pleased with your company, and would highly recommend your services. Your company has always provided us with quality call center service and we hope to do business with you again in the future.”

-Dena M, DART

“Always Answer has helped provide our company with twenty-four hour coverage to our client base for well over a year and a half now. Kim and the entire company have worked extremely hard to ensure that any problems that we have encountered over the past year and a half were swiftly handled, all the while ensuring our client base did not experience any gaps in service.”

–Eric S.

“We have used Always Answer for over 2 years. The support and customer service has been very professional. I would recommend any business to use them.”

– Gary M, Viking Security Systems, Inc.

“… Everyone at your facility is so nice and helpful and we really appreciate it! …”

Blaire, Texas Teachers

“… It’s a growing trend w/the PCI group … I have heard many calls over the years, but this one struck a chord with respect to staying poised, understanding the facts, and personifying professional excellence. Great job! …”

– Jim, V.A.S.

“… Everyone is doing a good job. I am really pleased with the service. The agents are very good.”

-Dr. Mercer, Sutton & Mercer

“… It was nice talking with you and to see how interested you are in feedback from my team. Please let your staff know that we are very happy with the way they are handling our customers.”

-Charlie, Darling International

“Your team did a great job for us on the last call list and we appreciate it! Please pass our appreciation to your team members.”

-Zane, Mason Claims

“… You are the best answering person I’ve ever had talk to me on the phone … you treat it like this is your business too … You and your company are doing a good job! …”

-Dr. Young

“… I do want to say what a great job your folks have been doing calling our ops staff … We really appreciate the diligent service! …”

-Peter, Cura Emergency Services

Experience True Customer Service with Always Answer’ Answering Services & Call Center!