August 8, 2016

Why Hire a Virtual Receptionist for a Home-Based or Small Business?

As your business grows, it is not uncommon to find you are having less and less time to take care of essential core business functions. You might find yourself on the phone for hours on end with current and potential clients and customers. On the other hand, you may discover you are not able to take as many phone calls as you once were, and are losing out on business opportunities and not able to provide the level of customer service you desire.

Rather than struggle to try to do everything yourself, once your business reaches this point you need to seriously consider hiring a virtual receptionist from our Dallas answering service. Your assistant has been fully trained to provide exceptional customer service. You do not have to worry about placing an ad, interviewing job candidates, and attempting to find the best fit for your business, as we have already done that for you.

Another benefit you gain is not having to worry about not having time to answer your phone calls. Your virtual assistant provides inbound callers with a live greeting using your business’s name. They will handle all calls to your exact specifications and instructions. They can even provide support for your online website, e-commerce store, and more!

In addition, you decide when and how often you want your virtual assistant to lend their expertise and support. For instance, if you prefer to receive your phone calls directly in the morning, but not in the afternoon, your virtual assistant will only answer calls during this specified time. On the other hand, you may want calls answered 24/7, including weekends and holidays, and that is not a problem.


As your business continues to grow and expand, your virtual assistant and related services can be modified to fit your current needs, like launching your own dedicated customer support line. To learn more about affordable virtual assistant services and solutions for your home-based or small business, call Always Answer today at 1-800-606-9898.