July 2, 2014

Why Does Your Business Need a Call Center?

A thriving business means an active telephone line, but keeping up with all those calls can cut into valuable work time. For many businesses, the answer is a business call center. Hiring a call center is less costly than bringing on new employees, and these workers can take a load off when your receptionist is away from the desk, out of town, or is simply too busy with other calls or work to get to all the calls in a timely manner.

Employees at the call center are trained to answer calls the way you want them to. They can handle emergency situations for your business, act as your dispatch office, and route all the messages to you when you want them. Some businesses choose to receive an email or text message immediately after the call, while others prefer to get all of their messages at a preset time of day.

A business call center can also act as your 24-hour hotline even if you don’t have the employees necessary to work calls around the clock. This is extremely valuable for service businesses, such as heating and air contractors, who need to be able to handle emergency calls from customers at all hours.

You have the option of selecting a live answering service or an automated message service, and you can elect to use a “press” option (for example, “If this is an emergency, press 1 for assistance.”

Business call centers are ideal for growing companies needing to keep costs under control while adding services for customers to take advantage of.