October 28, 2013

Use of Multimedia in Call Centers

Most people think of call centers and imagine multiline phones. The use of multimedia and technology, though, has enhanced the abilities of the employees. With Internet and video, they are kept up to date with traffic, news, and security.


Through traffic cameras, workers can tell you when the roads are busy, or of accidents that may have happened. This gives you time to reroute, if necessary, so that you don’t become stuck.  A call center may notice employees working longer just so they can avoid the traffic themselves.

Press Releases

It may be difficult to stay up to date, but some centers use multimedia services to capture and replay press releases or news events. These can be played back on screens while business is slow, or used in meetings to address the company. Some press releases may affect how the business progresses and this allows its workers to stay informed.


Perhaps one of the best ways multimedia can be used is to keep up to the minute with security. At night, there is generally limited visibility, making it hard for perimeter checks and other services. By using cameras and video technology, the call center services your property to keep you safe. Cameras can be outfitted with night vision technology and motion sensor lights. The center is then alerted to any movement occurring and can keep you informed.


Sometimes, talking on the phone is just not an option. New multimedia technology has made it so that you can contact the center through various modes. Along with the phone, many centers offer contact through text messages, email, and Internet chat. This makes it easier and more efficient for them to be contacted as needed.

Happy Workers

A call center is open and working every hour of every day. This means many of its employees miss holidays and watching events such as the Olympics. With video streaming, the company is able to play fireworks shows or sport events during low call time. This, in effect, makes workers happier, because they are not missing out on important events.

Multimedia services can be used for many purposes. This list covers just a few ways that services can be enhanced for you and your customers through multimedia.