August 2, 2013

Unconventional Convention Setup with Call Center Services

Convention time is rolling around fast, for your industry, and your business needs to be in the thick of things. There are so many calls to make and so many calls coming in, that you and your staff hardly know where to begin. Whether your company is arranging a convention with hundreds or thousands of attendees, call center services from Professional Communications can help make the preparation for your next convention run smoothly, without interrupting your day-to-day business.

Setting up a service package with a full service call center agency like Personal Communications can allow you to either take some of the day-to-day tasks out of the hands of your in-office staff so that they can attend to convention preparations, or you can leave many of the preparations to the call center operators. For instance, call center operators can handle administrative tasks, customer service, and general operator answering services to aid with daily tasks, or they can register callers for the convention, call your vendors or customers to see what they hope to see in the future so you can gear your presentation towards growth, or even serve as customer service representatives fielding general questions regarding the convention, such as when, and where it will take place and what the attendance fees are, etc.

Simply freeing up your in-house staff from having to answer the phone constantly to respond to routine questions regarding the convention can help your office to run more smoothly and make everyone more efficient in their set tasks. From information gathering to registration, the professional call center operators at Personal Communications’ Dallas-based call centers can make the preparations for your next convention run smoothly. With a variety of call center services and great features, the company can become an extension of your organization or business, adding manpower and technology to your resources.