January 21, 2015

Trends in Sales Positions for 2015

Does your company depend heavily on a staff of salespeople? If so, you’ll want to take note of these trends for the coming year. Sales is changing in a big way, and companies that leverage the new sales techniques and endow sales workers with the tools they need, like virtual assistants and the right content marketing, can end this year with a marked improvement in profits, customer satisfaction, and a happier workforce.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics Go the Way of the Dodo

The old techniques of persuasion that essentially boil down to different forms of high-pressure sales are out. Not only are they no longer effective, customers are fleeing from businesses that try to put them on the spot, argue their way into their wallets, or generally make a nuisance of themselves. The new focus is on building customer relationships, and allowing sales to flow naturally from those established relationships.

Messages Customers Receive before Contacting a Sales Agent Become Most Important

The latest studies, reported in Forbes, show that customers have already made 70 percent of their buying decision by the time they contact your sales department. This means that the content and messages you put out initially are of paramount importance. Focus on content marketing and high-quality, rich information instead of depending on your sales staff to land any deal. Additionally, be sure that customers aren’t disillusioned when they do reach out to your company. Make sure your telephone answering service provides all the support promised in your marketing messages.

Business Start Focusing on Attracting the Right Customers, Not Just Any Customers

An important business lesson for today is that all customers are not created equally. For example, if you’re Neiman Marcus, you’re wasting your time luring the Wal-Mart crowd. Conversely, if you’re Old Navy, your focus shouldn’t be on the Saks Fifth Avenue shoppers. Tailor the message to the right shoppers.

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