December 22, 2014

Top 3 Businesses to Start in 2015

Are you looking for ideas for a great startup in 2015? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Most of these startup businesses are inexpensive to get off the ground and can turn profits for you in very little time. All you need are some business cards, a place to store inventory or conduct business, a good answering service to handle your calls promptly and professionally, and a great attitude!

1. Food and Beverages 

As the recession slowly eases its grip on Americans, people are once again enjoying the convenience of eating out. Along with ordinary fare for a quick and easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner during hectic workweeks or lazy weekends, people are enjoying more custom, luxury beverages, like specialty lattes and unusual, exotic mixed drinks. Consider the culinary arts for a 2015 startup.

2. Automotive Detailing 

As business picks up, people are working longer hours. This means less time to care for their precious cars, bought with overtime and bonuses, which many companies are finally reinstating as incentives for innovation and growth at the workplace. The auto detailing business is booming! Be sure to invest in a virtual receptionist so that important calls aren’t missed while you and your workers are busy washing, waxing, and buffing.

3. Landscaping or Cleaning Services 

More time working, along with increased pressure to spend more quality time with family, forces people to no longer do the yard work and housework themselves. Abundant opportunities exist in most every town and city for reliable, trustworthy landscapers and housekeepers who do quality work for a reasonable price.

Be sure to apply for all applicable local business licenses before opening your doors to the public. For more ideas, please call Always Answer at 800-606-9898 today.