June 5, 2020

The Always Answer History & Mission

Always Answer Call Center History on a phone

Always Answer has served a variety of clients, industries, and businesses since 1975 – that’s over 45 years! And we plan on serving you for another 45. We are your premier 24 hour answering service and call center with the ability to offer a full range of flexible features and solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

But what is our ‘why’? How did we get to where we are and what drives us? All of these questions can be answered by looking at our mission statement and our history.

The Always Answer History

Our commitment to impeccable customer service has pushed us to the cutting edge of the answering service and call center industry for almost 50 years! And with our technology constantly advancing and our highly trained call professionals, we are able to provide the attention to detail and customer care that each of your callers deserves.

From the very beginning of Always Answer, we have focused on training and quality. And every year since our creation, we have been meeting those high standards and pushing them further. That is how we gained a reputation for providing the very best service to our customers, your callers, and a great company culture for our employees.

Our training is ongoing with in-service trainings in customer service skills, technology related issues and updates, and equipment used by each call specialist. Every call made to Always Answer is screened for quality assurance, so you know your callers are receiving high quality customer care.

In addition, one of our core values since the very beginning has been our commitment to our call agents and management staff. We want to provide a great working environment and invest in our staff to ensure their longevity and happiness with Always Answer. Many of our staff have been with us for more than three years! This means your business gets committed, highly skilled call specialists with a history of service, not transient employees, but consistent procedures and people to service your customer calls.

We believe that people make all the difference here at Always Answer. And with a staff large enough to serve corporate America or your small business, we bring a personalized, professional approach to answering services. Plus, you always get a live person with a smile in their voice.

The Always Answer Mission

The Always Answer mission statement is simple: provide quality, use integrity, and gain success. And not just our success, but yours. We believe that helping our clients be successful is what will bring us success as well.

Ultimately, Always Answer is committed to quality, integrity, and success. And we will continue to work towards our goals for us, and for you, for many years to come!

We provide quality systems, technology, and innovative thinking.

We use integrity with our clients and team members by being honest, fair, and just.

And we are here for the success of our clients, our business, and our team.

All of our values and aspects of our company are intertwined. There is no pyramid or hierarchy, instead, each part plays an important role. Our customers allow us to maintain a business, our business allows us to employ terrific people, and our people handle the calls our customers need, coming full circle to helping our customers maintain their business.

Always Answer is a partnership that works together to provide the best call center and answering service experience for every caller and every client. Because your call is important to us.

And because we are a live call center and answering service that serves a variety of industries, we work hard to provide quality service 24 hours a day for your business, even when you aren’t there. Our team answers 24/7 to take messages, schedule appointments, handle emergency dispatch, take orders, provide customer service, screen calls, and more. Our friendly agents are always here to handle your calls – that’s our promise.

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