June 8, 2016

The Importance of Customer Service Etiquette

Customer Service Etiquette

Proper customer service is essential to ensuring your customers and clients receive the level of attention they deserve. Often the first impression a business makes is directly through its employees’ interactions when people call the business or visit. The quickest way to turn off customers and send them running to your competitors is not taking the time to realize the significance of proper etiquette.

Whether you are speaking face-to-face or over the phone with someone, they can hear the friendliness in your voice and tell whether you are smiling. So smile and be warm, while speaking in a friendly tone, much like the person was your friend. However, do not get too carried away, as your goal is to assist the customer, not use them as a sounding board to complain about all the things going wrong in your life.

Take the time to ask the customer probing questions to determine exactly what they are calling about or the reason for their visit to your store. If the customer has an issue you cannot fix or are not sure how to resolve, be honest and tell them you will do your best, but need to get help from someone higher up.

As you are speaking to the customer, remember to get their contact information, a call-back number, and other relevant information you can use to help resolve their problem. Once you have listened to why they are calling and taken proper notes, reinstate what you heard back to the customer in the form of a question for clarification, which will ensure you did not miss anything.

Last, take the time to follow up with the customer after resolving their issue to find out if the customer is truly happy with the results or if you need to take other actions. By providing your customers with the highest levels of customer service, you will develop long term relationships, which are mutually beneficial for both your business and your customers.

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