September 15, 2014

The Fastest Growing Industries in San Antonio

As the economic growth in Texas outpaces the nation’s economic growth, jobs in San Antonio and surrounding areas are plentiful and lucrative. Perhaps the best news is, growth in these key industries catapults jobs and economic advancement in a variety of support industries, as well, bringing new hope for the long-term outlook of call centers in San Antonio, in addition to parts suppliers, transportation and logistics, and many others.

Energy Sees Resurgence in Growth

The industry of energy, including oil and natural gas, are again lucrative in the San Antonio area, largely driven by new fracking practices. As extraction and refinement gears up, this sector has nowhere to go but up. Expect large gains in support industries for the energy sector, including pipeline supplies and equipment manufacturing, pipeline building, and transportation to refineries and out to customers.

Medical Jobs Abound

As the population of San Antonio grows and ages, and many new changes occur in the medical industry, jobs here are plentiful, with an expected growth rate of 20 percent or higher within the next few years. Support industries benefit from this growth, including medical equipment and supply manufacturing, medical transport, and outpatient services like physical and occupational therapy.

Technology Is Big in Texas

The technology industry is no longer confined to the Silicon Valley of California. Many tech companies are making their homes in San Antonio, and as advancements are made in the industry, new ones are expected to multiply. Jobs are plentiful in software development, hardware design, and customer support positions. Call centers in San Antonio are often called upon to handle the customer service needs of these tech companies.

As the economy improves in San Antonio and beyond, expect more support industries to appear, offering even more opportunities for jobs and economic advancement.