September 17, 2014

The Fastest Growing Industries in Houston

Among the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries in Houston are energy businesses, medical facilities, technology, and business and financial investments. However, this is only a small part of the overall picture. As these industries grow and expand, support industries — including parts manufacturing, call centers in Houston, and logistics — are growing to meet the needs of these thriving businesses. Here are the fastest growing industries, along with the support industries popping up to meet those needs.

Energy Leads the Way for Economic Growth

As fracking collects more support from communities, oil and natural gas extraction is on the rise in Houston and other areas of Texas. Energy jobs include those in the fields, as well as in refineries; transportation to get oil and gas to refineries and out to customers; and parts and equipment suppliers for the fracking operations, refineries, and transportation, such as trains and pipelines.

The Medical Industry Continues to Expand

As the population ages, more medical personnel are needed to keep Houston’s people healthy. This insurgence of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff comes along with an increase in the need for developing new medical equipment and distributing this equipment to facilities. Private practices are also on the uptake, meaning more physicians’ answering services in Houston. Jobs are also growing in related services, including physical therapy and home medical services and supplies.

Technology Jobs Are on the Rise

In addition to Rackspace and other large Houston tech employers, small firms are popping up offering software development and related services. Growth in the business and finance sectors drives this even further, as banks and insurance agencies look for smartphone apps to attract customers. Technology growth also brings the need for support jobs, including clerical workers, hardware maintenance, and customer service representatives.

Houston workers can also expect growth in business, finance and related businesses, but the growth is far from limited to these industries. As more jobs enter the area, real estate, fast food and restaurants, apartment managers, and travel agents are also in high demand. With the right training and support, the future for Houston’s workforce is bright, indeed.