September 19, 2014

The Fastest Growing Industries in Dallas

Like the rest of Texas, Dallas is experiencing a faster rebound from the economic woes of recent years than is the rest of the country. Dallas is growing in spite of a grim overall outlook, sparked largely by advancements in energy, technology, medicine, business, and support companies to supply these growing industries with what they need. Here are the fastest growing sectors in Dallas, as well as the support jobs that make doing business in Dallas easier for the heavy hitters.

Energy Growth Rebounds

Dallas is a hub for energy production, including a hot zone for fracking. Now oil and natural gas extraction is easier and faster with new fracking technologies, making it possible to foresee a day when the U.S. is energy independent. As this industry explodes, a number of support businesses spring up to make business easier, including logistics and transportation for crude oil and natural gas, refineries, and parts and equipment suppliers for all those sub-industries.

Technology Jobs Increase

Tech jobs are on the rise, bringing along a need for call centers in Dallas to help out with customer support and tech support. New tech businesses include software development, systems design and analysis, Internet security specialists, and app developers. In addition to call centers, Dallas’ tech industry needs travel specialists to help them meet with out of town clients and to bring clients into their Dallas headquarters, as well as hardware maintenance staff and personnel to handle clerical duties.

The Medical Industry Sees Phenomenal Growth

More people means more need for medical support, and Dallas’ population is aging. Also, new developments in healthcare, such as the Affordable Care Act, mean that these medical facilities have need for a variety of support industries, including insurance specialists, actuaries, and businesses to develop and produce medical equipment and supplies. This, in turn, drives the need for logistics to get the needed equipment and supplies to local doctors offices and hospitals, and answering services in Dallas to handle customer calls for all of these businesses.

Business and Finance Are Healthy in Texas

Business is booming in Dallas, including financial investments. As these industries grow, there is more need for local real estate agents, shopping venues, eateries, and infrastructure. This is driving local builders, as well as construction workers, to build buildings, roads, and other business and leisure facilities. For every Dallas business that grows and expands, another business also prospers.