June 11, 2014

Taking Your Customer Service to a New Level

What does it take to bring your customer service level from good to great? There are several simple things that customers are looking for — yet too many companies today overlook these aspects of customer service, leaving customers dissatisfied and sometimes even angry. Add these elements to your call center service and see your customer satisfaction ratings soar!

Customers Want You to Listen

Whether a caller is confused or angry, right or wrong, listening goes a long way towards hanging up satisfied. Even when it is not possible for call center employees to give the customer what they want, the act of listening and allowing them to get their concerns off their chest helps rebuild damaged customer relations. By allowing the customer to voice their mind, the act diffuses their anger, and helps them calm down so that the employee can work with them to find a resolution. Even happy callers need time to say what they want to say in order to maintain good relations.

Customers Want a “Get ‘er Done” Attitude

The customer isn’t interested in how short on personnel you are, or how many people called in sick, or your serious shortage of widgets. They want your answering service to have a “We’ll get it done,” attitude. Offer customers solutions, not excuses.