October 22, 2020

Take Your Office Anywhere with Live Receptionist Services

woman on the phone with Live Receptionist Services

Live receptionist services (or a virtual receptionist) performs the same tasks as your in-house receptionist, but of course, they work remotely, or virtually. They can handle incoming calls, take messages, transfer calls, make outgoing calls, book appointments, remind clients and patients of appointments, and more!

And in the era of COVID-19 when you may or may not be working in your physical office, having a virtual receptionist able to answer every call, every question, and send along messages or transfer calls to wherever you are is paramount!

For many small businesses, success and growth in sales and customer management can mean a never-ending increase in calls, maybe more than you or your staff can handle. Especially if your staff is working remotely. The home-work balance is precarious enough as it is in 2020, but adding in constant calls, even after hours, could put anyone over the edge.

Our remote, virtual receptionists can help ease the burden of client calls, so you can focus on serving customers and growing your business from wherever you are working from.

Benefits of a Live Receptionist in 2020

  • Virtual receptionists can answer customers outside of your business hours.
  • Instead of allowing potential sale opportunities to go to voicemail, or overloading your staff with calls, use the flexibility that virtual receptionist services provide, only when you need them.
  • Virtual receptionists can help you save money – with our virtual and remote receptionists, you only pay for minutes we spend on your calls, not the downtime as we wait.
  • Training and employment overhead required for in-house receptionists is totally avoided, a cost-savings that can be invaluable when growing a business or moving to remote work due to COVID-19.
  • Virtual receptionists can speak with callers when you’re too busy to talk – in a meeting, out to lunch, or on weekends or vacation. A virtual receptionist can engage with prospects, handle customer issues and inquiries, and collect critical information when you’re otherwise preoccupied or out of the office (even if your ‘out of the office’ is until 2021).
  • Human connections increase customer loyalty, and surveys show that virtual live receptionists may have an impact on both customer loyalty and retention.

How A Virtual Receptionist Can Help During COVID-19

Your virtual receptionist can be a powerful ally as your business deals with the changes from the ongoing Pandemic. Their expertise, availability, and stability can help your business even as you go remote. This consistency is helpful for your customers, both current and potential.

Regular business hours or ‘in-office VS remote’ hours can change weekly, even daily, and your customers may not be sure if or when you’re open. The 24/7 availability of a virtual receptionist is a significant benefit. This allows your customers to call and ask about current business hours, schedule appointments, and get information about prices, services, availability, and more. Our virtual receptionists can even remind your scheduled appointments to make sure you don’t have to come into the office if your clients won’t be able to make it.

Additionally, outsourcing your front-office worker (especially when no one is in the front-office) ensures that you will always have someone available and ready to answer calls and direct customers or transfer calls to the necessary party.

Staff availability has become a significant issue for many businesses across the country. Employees now have to call in sick due to not only their own illnesses, but family illness, exposure and quarantine orders, transportation or financial issues, and many others. Don’t let these call-ins leave you understaffed and struggling to keep the phones covered.

With a virtual receptionist, Always Answer makes sure your phone lines are always covered by a highly-trained receptionist.

How Do Remote Virtual Receptionist Services Work?

It’s so simple, it’s almost too good to be true, but trust us – it’s true.

  • Call us to set up your account.
  • We will contact you with your call forwarding number and instructions.
  • Simply forward to the number provided whenever you want.


Try Our Virtual Receptionist Services with Always Answer in the Era of Remote Work

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