August 13, 2013

Streamline Grant Writing with an Outsourced Call Center

If you help run a non-profit organization or a research laboratory, then grant money is the lifeblood that keeps your operation going. One of the major factors that goes into the grant writing process is the research preparation and information gathering that forms the basis for your grant proposal. With top-of-the-line technology, Personal Communications can help streamline the grantwriting process.

Before you even think about sitting down to write a grant proposal for funding, you need to have a base amount of information regarding the usefulness of your project/organization and the public’s needs, as well as projections for growth and estimates on how much funding you will need for operations and other resources. To gather this information, a professional call center operator can take your call list and prepared survey questions, and make as many calls as it takes for you to compile the necessary projections for your proposal. By using survey services, you can save yourself or your staff time and energy in collecting survey data, and use those savings to prepare your project and/or polish up your presentation.Grants that have a strong foundation in hard facts are more likely to succeed, than those based on assumptions or estimates from past experiences.

And, if your project is in the medical field, rest easy knowing that Personal Communicaiton’s outsourced medical call center staff are trained in HIPAA policies and can handle personal information with professionalism and confidentiality. So, if for instance, you run a counseling center for teen mothers and need survey information from past participants regarding their personal health and relationship status, and their mental state since receiving care, in order to estimate how many teens your organization will see in the coming year and if any of your past participants will need help in the future, that information will be transmitted only to the people within your organization who need to know. Your organization or business’s grant proposal writing process can be more effective with the help of call center services.