July 8, 2013

Stay Organized with Call Center Services

By using an outsourced call center, you can get your day-to-day business or organization activities well organized. Call center services include features such as automated voicemail, online account management, and web based calendars for organizing schedules. Operators do not just answer and redirect calls, as an in-house receptionist typically does; they provide sales processing, customer service, and even emergency response services.

To avoid information getting lost or mixed up between outsource call center operators and in-house staff, Professional Communications offers a variety of features and tools to keep the flow of information timely and accurate. For message retrieval, you have the options of listening to voicemail messages over the phone or online, receiving text message updates, or having messages e-mailed to you. Emergency response alerts can come via the methods previously listed, or by pager message or fax.

Scheduling of appointments and event registration are done through online calendars and logs that both the call center operator and your staff have access to, avoiding overbooking or missed appointments. To save you time and money, operators can call your clients to politely remind them of scheduled appointments. Web-based account access allows you to check messages and change the status of your office’s working hours or on-call lists, from anywhere with an internet connection, ensuring that the call center staff know what you need, when you need to add or subtract services.