September 29, 2014

Starting and Running a Successful Solo Law Practice

Deciding to go solo can be scary. Even with an established client base, single-lawyer practices take on all the expenses and workload, without the extra help and support that comes from a larger firm with a staff of receptionists, secretaries, paralegals, and other legal minds. However, with a virtual assistant and some other great tools, solo legal practices can be among the most rewarding.

Try Office Sharing to Cut Down on Expenses

One way to keep costs low is office sharing. You can elect to share office space with other solo legal practices or with related businesses, such as title companies, financial services, or related businesses. It’s important to find business owners you enjoy working around, because you’ll be in close proximity most of the time. Also, work out issues like parking, breakroom stocking and use, and rules for lobby use.

Use Technology to Your Advantage 

There are a number of excellent technologies to help the solo law practitioner, including virtual receptionists and assistants, notebook and tablet computers, accounting packages to keep the bookwork simple, cloud computing, and many other nifty tools. Study the technology available, to help you get work done, without hiring additional employees before you’re ready.

Master the Art of Marketing 

Marketing for law firms is different from marketing other businesses, but it’s still necessary to employ a few basics. Look for ways to get your name out in the community without buying ads, such as sponsoring local sports teams, sponsoring community festivals, and donating your time and effort to schools.