December 13, 2013

Smart Technology and Why Call Centers Still Win

Smart Technology and Why Call Centers Still Win

With so many people flocking to smart phones and tablets, you may think that using a related platform is the way to handle customer service. Perhaps you can create an application that makes it easier for people to reach you. This, however, is not the case, and call centers are still highly beneficial.

Lower Cost

If you were going to produce a phone app to use for customer service, you’d have to begin the process with developers and ideas. Then, it would need to be created, tested, and constantly upgraded with new technology releases and fixes. That alone would cost a minimum of thirty grand. A call center, though, requires as little as one dollar a minute. In order for the app to be profitable, you would need to increase the amount of calls that come in by 9,000, minimally, which is hard to do when it has less accessibility.

Wider Reach

Both an app and call center can be reached around the clock. A call center, though, has a wider reach simply due to phone usage. Everyone that needs to call for help has the ability to dial a number. Not everyone, though, has access to an app. If you built an app for use with all smart technology, including Android and Mac, it would reach only an estimated 50 percent of clients. That means you are still getting calls from 50 percent or losing them.

A call center is still an extremely beneficial service. It is the only method that offers features that are 100% accessible for all your clients. With the advancement of how the call center operates, you can still add emails and text messages if you feel that would help you gain a wider reach.