March 20, 2020

Is Your Small Business Ready for Seasonal Call Spikes?

Woman on the phone during a call spike

Times are difficult right now for many small businesses, and while some are experiencing hits from state and city closure safety procedures, some industries are experiencing call spikes due to client questions, concerns, or orders.

Nothing says ‘your call is important to us’ like having a friendly voice on the other end of the line, no matter the day, time, or outside factors. Making sure your business is ready for these seasonal or situational call spikes is easy with a 24/7 answering service like Always Answer.

Utilize a Live Answering Service for Your Call Spikes

Using a live answering service can be the perfect solution for changes in your calls. If the past weeks have shown us anything, it’s that the world and workforce can change drastically – and quickly. That’s why we make it simple for you to start and pause your live answering service.

Whether you are looking for after-hours answering services, weekend, or 24/7 services, we are here for you when you have call spikes for any reason (or, if you just don’t have time for the calls plus running your business). Let us give you and your employees a hand by being the first, friendly voice your callers speak to.

Looking for Temporary or Seasonal Hires?

As some businesses slow down, others speed up, and that means hiring. Especially now, as there are many American’s looking for jobs. Many major corporations are looking for more workers, but so are smaller businesses in booming industries, like food and drink delivery.

But how can you find the best hires for your business? Especially if you may be dealing with stocking, staffing, or customer service issues already. Instead of trying to do it all, let Always Answer help out with our employee screening services.

With the use of our dynamic scripting software, we can design a call flow to help you capture the applicants you really want. And should an applicant meet your qualifications, we can deliver their details directly to you for further follow-up or connect the caller to you live!

For the applicants who do not meet your specifications, the call can be ended by our team members with no further follow-up required by you. Delivery options of applicant information and messages can vary based on your preferences, so whether you prefer fax, email or an Excel formatted report, we will personalize your account to meet your goals!

Use an Answering Service to Update Callers on Your Hours

If your hours are changing, or if you need to have your phones manned for customer questions, then consider an overflow call center service like Always Answer. Some businesses are changing their hours, rules, even occupancy – but these changes can confuse or frustrate your customers if they are not accurately communicated.

We recommend you update your hours on your online profiles like Google My Business and your website, even creating a social media post. But having someone on the other end of your phone lines for customers who aren’t online or don’t look you up online first is the perfect way to keep all of your customers informed.

Always Answer is Here for Your Small Business

We’re here, always on, and ready whenever you need us. Contact us today for a 7-day free trial or to learn more about our live answering services from one of our friendly agents for when your calls spike, you need a new hire, or you need to update your hours.

Always Answer has been supporting local businesses for decades, and we would love to support you and our community in 2020.