October 4, 2013

Services Offered Through Inbound Call Centers

Services Offered Through Inbound Call Centers 

Call centers are more than just answering services; they offer a multitude of programs and services that will help your business run smoothly. Outsourced call centers are beneficial to businesses because they alleviate the stresses associated with hiring a team of employees, and staying up-to-date with payroll, and they also provide additional services that you may not have thought of. From alarm monitoring, employee screening, and event registration, some Dallas call centers enable businesses to operate smoothly and without having to go through multiple companies. Below, you will find information on a handful of the highlighted services offered by call centers.

Customer Support 

Probably the most widely recognized call center service, trained customer service agents will take calls and provide excellent customer service for whatever are your business needs. Available 24/7, representatives will be able to assist people worldwide.

Order Entry 

Through the use of top-notch software and technology, inbound call centers can process orders at any time of the day or night, alleviating the stress from your company.

Appointment Desk

Call center agents will take customer calls and set up appointments. This is a great alternative to having to juggle your own scheduling, and will enable you to attend to your business affairs, without being distracted by incoming calls.

Employee Screening 

Employee screening through a third party is a good way to acquire a staff without the headache of the hiring process. Through an innovative software, call center agencies can help determine the best applicants, and then pass the information along to you for a follow up interview.

Extra Services 

Beyond the services listed above, inbound call centers may also be able to assist your company with overflow calls during high volume times. This may be due to advertising campaigns, periods of open enrollment, direct marketing drives, or other scenarios where your office is unable to handle the amount of incoming calls.