June 7, 2013

Save Money with a Medical Call Center

Your medical practice is growing quickly — that’s great! But the influx of patients may cause logistical issues with staffing, time and quality of service. Call center services such as Personal Communications can help take the pressure off your in-house staff, without forcing you to hire new employees or move to a larger office.

By having an off-site medical call center provide your office with answering services, appointment scheduling, and even 24/7 emergency answering services, you can be sure that your patients can always get in touch with you. Doctors often have medical emergencies that occur during the evening or on weekends, and having a method for patients to contact their doctor during off hours can increase their sense of trust and confidence in the care they receive. Keeping a medical office open 24/7 is often impractical, as electricity and even insurance costs would increase, and then there is the issue of hiring and paying the necessary staff. By hiring an off-site call center to provide emergency answering services, you can keep operation costs down, while increasing the quality of service you are able to offer.

In addition to keeping basic operating costs and staffing costs in check, by hiring a call center service with the technology offered by Personal Communications, your office will not incur the additional cost of supplying expensive hardware and software needed for answering service operations. Also factoring into the savings is the lack of need for expensive service packages from your phone service provider. Extra lines, voicemail and call waiting cost extra, when purchased through the phone company, but do not include feature like text or email alerts, which Personal Communications can provide.