November 13, 2013

Real Estate Companies Benefit from Answering Services

There are a variety of industries that benefit from answering services. One that may be overlooked is the real estate industry. Whether you sell homes, rent apartments, or commercial buildings, call centers can make your company more efficient.

Voicemail to Email

Though you may have voicemail set up, it means you are probably checking your phone throughout the day. With an answering service, this is no longer necessary. When someone leaves a message, it can be translated to an email for you. You are then notified and can check it at your computer or on the go from your phone. Instead of wondering if there is anyone waiting to hear from you, you will know.


Your Houston answering service can offer a receptionist for you. This person can work virtually, as needed, letting your office receptionist take breaks and lunch without the worry of missed calls. If you are your own agent, you may find this service even more useful. Instead of interruptions when showing a house, your calls can be forwarded, with potential clients finding their answers.

Automated Greeting

When you decide to slow down for the evening: set up an automated greeting. This saves you time and money, by simply having a message play when someone calls you. It lets them know you are now off the clock unless there is an emergency and, generally, has a number if unexpected problems arise. This lets you have your evenings undisturbed.

There are a number of ways that an answering service can be beneficial to the real estate industry. Whether you are in need of some extra help throughout the day, or voicemail services at night, setting up a customizable plan makes your job easier.