September 21, 2018

Property Management Receptionist Services: Budget Vs. Customer Experience

Woman on Phone for receptionist services

Receptionist services can be a lifesaver for a property management firm. Having a designated team answer your calls, take messages, schedule appointments and seamlessly connect your potential tenants and your staff for lease signings or meetings can save you hours. Plus, having a good receptionist service can mean the difference between work being a drag and a slide, and Always Answer wants to be that difference.

But is it worth it? Are your customers really going to notice, appreciate, and be influenced by the constant contact and communication of live receptionist services? Read on and see!

Are Receptionist Services Worth it?

Of course, we could simply give the short and sweet of it – which is yes, they are, but that isn’t very credible or transparent, and here at Always Answer we strive to be both. Instead, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of receptionist services, so you can be the deciding factor of if your property management business would benefit from our receptionist services.

Or, if you don’t feel like having the full read, then click here for a free week trial! No risk just see for yourself what receptionist services are able to do for your unique firm.

Pros of Receptionist Services

Of course, you have to look at how your clients, tenants and potential or future tenants view your property management firm if you want to have a positive reputation. Your customer experience directly relates to this.

If your customers feel that their needs are met, their voices heard, and their time valued, then you are well on your way to having a happy client base and satisfied customer experience. Of course, those needs are not met when their calls are sent to voicemail and not answered for days, or they are rushed through a system because your staff doesn’t have enough time to answer. And though automation can have its time in the sun in certain situations, nothing about a robot voice gives your customers the feeling of being valued.

This is where your receptionist services can step in and make your clients (and potential new clients) feel welcomed, heard, and valued, all while you still get to do the work your property management firm needs in order to run smoothly.

Maybe you can do it all at this point, but isn’t the goal of your business to grow? With growth comes more clients, more calls, more time…but only if you have quality receptionist services. We grow with you, allowing you to focus on running your property management firm – and all the little and big things that go along with that – while we tackle the phones.

Cons of Receptionist Services

If you love speaking with your clients over the phone, then perhaps receptionist services aren’t the best match for you. Or are they?

We can send calls directly to your phone, so you still get that voice-to-voice contact with your tenants. We simply screen them first, according to your preferences, so you get the calls you want, and we resolve the rest.

Maybe you want to set scheduling yourself – we’ll forward all such calls to you. Maybe you want to speak to any new leasing prospects – we’ll send those right along. Maybe you have maintenance calls – we’ll be sure to keep all of those on our end or send them directly to your maintenance team.

No matter what you prefer, we can make it fit seamlessly with your company’s style.

Try Receptionist Services for Free

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