April 22, 2021

Phone Answering Service and Its Benefits for Your Business

Phone Answering Service from a business professional

Whether you own a small business or a big one, there’s one thing central to running an enterprise: communication.

Customer Service and Communication

Industry statistics show that customer experience significantly impacts the way customers engage with a brand. A PWC study suggests that U.S. consumers are willing to pay 16% more on premium services and become more loyal to brands that offer a great customer experience.

On the contrary, one bad customer experience is enough to drive away 32% of consumers.

These numbers show why it’s important for businesses to invest in great customer service. And one of the most important parts of great customer service is communication. This is why phone answering services are growing increasingly popular among businesses, especially in the hospitality and medical industries.

What is a Phone Answering Service?

Simply put, phone answering services involve an out-of-office receptionist or telephone agent answering calls for your company.

In the above-mentioned industries, businesses like hotels, clinics, spas, and other establishments that require appointment setting need to maintain clear communication with customers. Constantly changing schedules can be difficult to manage, so confirmation and reminders are essential.

This is where phone answering comes in. Out-of-office receptionists can access your establishment’s scheduling software and remind clients of their appointment.

With that said, below are some benefits of using a phone answering service for your business.

1. It helps schedule appointments

Help with appointment scheduling is one of the biggest benefits of phone answering services. Operation hours sometimes go underutilized because of last-minute client cancellations. In the US, patient no-shows cost the health care system $150 billion a year, with physicians losing about $200 per unused time slot.

Patient no-shows are a result of inefficient scheduling systems. Without automatic reminders or confirmation, clients might forget their appointment or not show up for other reasons. But with a telephone agent calling them to confirm their attendance, there’s a smaller chance of client no-shows. 

 2. It increases employee productivity

With answering services taking care of appointment setting and schedule confirmation, your employees have one less task to worry about, so they can use their time more efficiently.

What’s more, with client appointments on track, there are fewer interruptions to your staff’s workflow. They can concentrate better on doing their task, thus improving productivity.

3. It reduces costs

Using a phone answering service means enjoying the benefits of having a receptionist without actually employing one. You would save costs on an employee’s salary and benefits.

You also save costs on onboarding a new employee and training them since you already have a professional telephone agent when you use phone answering services.

4. It leads to a better customer experience

When you have professionals answering your calls or confirming client appointments, you can provide excellent customer service.

For one, a live phone agent can deliver personalized communication to a client, something consumers love. In addition, confirming or rescheduling appointments shows clients you value their time, which they will appreciate. Both of these make for a positive customer experience.

Elevate Your Company’s Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation Process

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