May 27, 2018

Perfect Responses When Dealing with an Angry Customer

phone etiquette for customers, man texting on a cell phone

In a perfect world, your customers would always be happy with your products and services, but the reality is that you’ll eventually have to deal with angry customers on the phone. Here are some telephone answering service tips and tricks you can use in this situation.

Listen and Offer Sympathy

The first thing to do when customers are venting their frustration is to listen. Listening is vital to understanding their situations. After that, offering your sympathy for their unfortunate experiences will let them know you understand and respect what they’ve been through.

State Your Regret

Beyond sympathy, the best way to ensure that angry customers stay customers is to apologize to them. This applies any time a customer calls with a problem, whether or not that problem is perceived or legitimately occurred.

Resolve to Resolve It

To add even more goodwill to the mix, follow your apology with your verbal intention to rectify it right then and there, and then do just that by enlisting the caller’s help. Ask the person what he or she would like done, and then suggest the closest solution that you can realistically offer.

How to Say It

There are many ways to help you and your customer feel at ease on the phone. Simply stating that you can understand why the customer would be upset can have a significant impact. Offering to work together to find a solution can also be very effective.

Admitting failure on the part of your company can immediately level the playing field, as it shows you are human, too. This can help diffuse the customer’s anger.

At the end of the conversation, it can help to thank customers for being patient and loyal despite their negative experiences. This will benefit you both.

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