February 19, 2014

Outsource Your Angry Customers

That’s right. There are many reasons to use an outsourced call center, but businesses don’t often think about irate customers. Your staff deals with these people every day: problems with products, orders not going through, slow shipping. Rather than bringing down the mood of your staff, let your call center take over.

Listen Before Speaking

Your call center agent is trained to deal with an angry customer. Whether he is yelling, swearing or even threatening, your agent does not react. Instead, the agent keeps his cool and continues attempts to calm the customer down. This occurs by listening to what the customer is saying, rather than the tone used.  It allows a conversation to take place that allows the customer to feel heard.

The Optimistic Wins

While the irate customer is generally negative, the agent focuses on the glass half full. It allows the agent to keep their cool and manage their own stress. It allows the customer to stop the rant and breathe. The silence this brings gives the call center agent a chance to step in and take control of the situation.

Other methods used to deal with angry customers include:

  • Patience for customer and self
  • Breaks to lower stress levels
  • Emotional control

When you are leaving the office for the night, it is almost always the angry customer you remember. It is the person who is mean, who leaves the impact, rather than the delightful customer. We can change this if you send the mean ones to us. Our call center agents are trained to deal with any type of person. This means they are pros are dealing with anger, calming the situation, and resolving it. Let us take the call.