January 13, 2014

Outbound vs. Inbound Call Center

There are two main types of call centers: outbound and inbound. Outbound call centers require the representative to make the call, while inbound wait for customer initiation. The benefits for both are similar; however, each has different tactical uses.

Outbound Call Center

Though outbound call centers have many uses, they are optimally utilized for sales and customer service calls. You may need to reach out to your customers or other businesses, and the outbound calls can do this. It keeps the ball in your court so that you are in charge of marketing your brand and creating sales. Many businesses also use this service for market research tactics.

Inbound Call Center

Your inbound call center is ideally used for services the customer needs to seek you out for. This may be help about a product or installation, locating a dealer, taking an order. Any time the customer calls you, it is important that they receive quick and high-quality care. The inbound call center does this when you cannot. Instead of flooding your lines, call centers handle it for you at a more efficient rate. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and return buyers.

Online Approach

With today’s technology, both outbound and inbound call centers are able to utilize online approaches. Email, of course, is extremely popular and generally requires a response from your business within 72 hours. This if often used when the matters are not pressing. There is also, however, chat technology. If your customer needs immediate assistance, a trained agent can speak to them over chat, to answer questions. Outbound call centers may find this useful to begin chats with customers, as they browse online to help close sales.

Whatever your business needs, call centers are able to meet these. If you are sales-focused, you may find outbound services more beneficial. You may want to incorporate them with an inbound call center. The best part is that your call center experience is completely customizable to your needs.